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We first met this small Hungarian sheepdog that is called Pumi in a Hungarian writer’s, namely Istvan Fekete’s novel titled Bogáncs and then later on we came across this special Hungarian breed at a dog show in Szilvásvárad. As our beloved old dog died we felt to be ready again to let a new dog make our life beautiful. We checked out a lot of kinds of dogs but it was difficult to make a common agreement on what breed to choice. And then one day we happened to meet two dogs. The two Pumis were sitting next to each other, and the older one was loudly trying to get the younger to behave. First we recognized how lively and temperamental they were then we fell in love with their tasseled ears and intelligent look. It surely was love at first sight. After this we decided that we would love to have no other puppy but a Pumi. 

We immediately started to check out the Pumi puppies on sale and soon we found our love, Lóca and sometime later we purchased Kincső. To tell you the truth our life was turned upside down immediately our full heart. We started to attend various dog shows and we participated in several events which were   to make this breed more popular. We made new friends with those who are also devoted to this type of dog. 

Our success at dog shows both in Hungary and abroad led us to found our kennel now called Bojtosfülű Pajkos Pumi Kennel (Tanned Eared and Naughty Pumi Kennel). We chose a name which, according to our experience, describes this breed’s tanned ears and kind and lively personality.

Our kennel is in the greenbelt area of Cegléd. Our dogs are not kept separately but they considered to be a true member of our family. We love them with.   This is the reason why we believe that is important to give the love and care that is necessary for them to stay healthy and be happy.

As this breed is very and special Hungarian so called Hungaricum each breeder must possess the sign of the breed. Each and every breeder must preserve the features that are typical of a Pumi. We as responsible breeders consider it important to keep our national heritage and at the same time treasure in the way as it is both in appearance and behavior for the upcoming generations.

It can act as a work dog or a pet: it is perfect for doing sports or taking part in agility competitions. It we advise everyone to have a Pumi as it can serve different purposes.  

 János Botyánszki  and  Gizella Gyöngyi Téren
















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