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2018. October 28., 21:30On October 24, 2018 fairies were born

We are happy to inform all pumi fans, that on 24 Október 2018 the fairies of the Bojtosfülű Pajkos Pumi Kennel were born, that is, 11 small puppies.

These are facts, but what are our feelings? Well, I would like to share some thoughts about this. It was  wonderful to follow Lóci's whole pregnancy. After mating, on day 35 the ultrasound showed that the mating was successful. We saw the hearts of one kid and the other's eyes for a moment

The Lóca's belly was very large at the end of pregnancy. We caressed a lot, and we were very happy when we felt a little movement from within. As the mommies talk to their babies, so we talked with the little dogs. We told for them how our wait for them.

On day 61 we felt uneasiness. He started preparing for the nest in the yard and he liked to sit there. On day 62 at 8 pm, birth began. After eight o'clock, the first puma girl, a pale puppy, was born. Then 10 more were born. Our last puppy was born at four o'clock in the morning.

We were together with Lóca. The trust we experienced was wonderful. Didn't worry to much, because she good knew, that we are with her, and we are help her. It was a great experience to keep newborn puppies in our hands.

We are thankful for experience. Thank You wery much Lóca! 

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